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    Sorry for the delayed response. I didn’t realize that when adding a post with more than 1 image, it puts the post in a pending approval state. So I just now saw it. I am going o see if I can change that setting so posts with multiple images just post right away like everything else.

    Anyway, blue will work. However, make sure you light it very well and you get a screen that isn’t too dark. A lot of blue screens are on the darker side.

    Really, spill correction works better on green than blue. Blue can leave more edge fringing. It’s not always left over blue, but a desaturated haloing on the edge, sometimes darker too, if the screen was darker. Without getting into the technical reasons, it’s just easier for the software to correct for green spill than blue spill.

    If it were me, I would shoot on green if it was just 1 or 2 teams. If it was more than that then I might consider blue.

    If you shoot on blue then test it before you shoot the paid job. Don’t make the paid job your test.

    White or gray can work well. However, Image Extract does struggle with sports equipment and equipment will often need touched up. It uses Adobes selection AI which is more trained to see people than objects. The AI doesn’t select by color. It selects by shape recognition and Adobe just hasn’t trained it well for sports equipment yet. Hopefully one day Adobe will improve the Select Subject algorithm. Then Image Extract will automatically get the improvements.

    There are other online services for white and gray that do better for sports equipment.