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    Yes, but you will need to setup the PSD to work with SPA.

    Have you watched the getting started videos from this link?

    If so, have you tried to set up a template yet?

    I would first start with player replacement only and no text replacement, no CSV files. Just figure out how to add a player setup and run a batch with that. Once you understand that, you can move on to more complex set ups.

    Also, keep in mind that the PSD templates must conform to SPA and not the other way around. So for example, if there is transparency fading on the player, is must be done a certain way on the layer mask for the player group. Also, if you want to auto replace test, you must change the text layer names to the SPA standards. SPA won’t conform to you template. The template must conform to SPA.

    Let me know after you have tried a basic player set up. If you ware having problems the please submit a post with specific detail of the exact issue you are having. Don’t just ask “how to I use SPA?”. Instead, be very specific about the certain thing you are stuck on.

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