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    I ran a test with your images and it was razor sharp when EZ Team Builder built the team. I will send you the full res sample of the EZ Team Builder layout using the default settings in EZ Team Builder.

    The only thing I did see is the template is set up with a non-standard color profile. It is using the profile sRGB “black scaled” and not the standard sRGB color profile. Maybe some computers don’t handle this color profile properly. I would try converting the template to standard sRGB format and then trying EZ Team Builder. See this screenshot.

    If converting the regular sRGB doesn’t work then try resetting the Photoshop preferences. Then restart Photoshop and try again.

    Please reply in the forum here when you test (not in email). I need the response thread in the forum for future reference, not in emails. Emails won’t help anyone who has the problem in the future find the answer.

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