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    The blurry image look like upsizing to me.  The overlay image also appear to be low resolution.  For the “sharp” image, you can clear see the individual pixels in the eyes, hair ect.  Were the cutouts images downsized prior to running through EZ Team Builder?

    for the overlay example, you are showing, I’m not sure if the overlay is 1:1 or if it was a screenshot and then overlay. In that case it would not be 1:1. What it seem to me I am looking at in the overlay image is a screenshot of the team which would be downsize and the a low resolution player image overlaid on the screen shot.  The pixels being that clearly visible on the “sharp” image will no doubt blur if the images is fit onto a high resolution template.

    You can try using smart objects. This will allow you to non-destructively scale. However, it will not fix an issue if a smaller resolution image needs to be upscaled to fit a template?

    What is the pixel dimensions of the template? What are the pixel dimensions of the cutouts?  To me it looks like the cutouts are needing to upscaled by 2-3x to fit the template. This is just a gut feeling guess though.

    Anyway, try the smart objects. However, as mentioned, this will not allow you to make a small image larger without blurring. It only allows rescaling without further scaling penalty.

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