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    1. Are you running the latest SPA release, version 9.1.1?

    2. Does it give any message when you try to run? If so, what does it say?

    3. Do you have the filename extensions in the CSV?

    4. Do the file names have any a comma in them? If the filenames have a comma then you MUST use a TSV file, not a CSV. See the video below which discusses this.

    5. Do the filenames have any of the following characters? You can’t use filenames with these characters in SPA. This is a limitation set by Adobe in the plugins API.


    6. Have you tried the auto CSV starter to automatically get the filenames into the CSV? This is the easiest way to ensure ensure the filenames are correct in Column A, with the correct file extension. It will also ensure all of the CSV headers are correct too. If you are not using this then I highly recommend it.

    See this video about the auto CSV starter.

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