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    Do you mean that you turned off the GPU in the Photoshop preferences? Or are you referring to changing a setting in the GeForce driver software?

    The GPU is needed for face detection. It MUST be turned on in the Photoshop preferences for face detection to work. Pixnub Face Crop, EZ Team Builder and Sport Photo Automation will not work with the GPU off in the Photoshop preferences. Also, if you use the EZ Green Screen Auto Clear with Face Detection mode then it won’t work either.

    So if you turned off the graphics driver in the Photoshop preferences then you really need to figure out the GPU issue if you need to use anything with face detection.

    I would first ensure the GPU driver is updated.

    Also, corrupted Photoshop preferences files can cause GPU issues. So if updating the driver doesn’t fix it then try resetting the Photoshop preferences.

    If it still doesn’t work the it may be that EZ Green Screen 6 won’t work with the GPU. EZ Green Screen 6 uses an older Photoshop API that Adobe is discontinuing. So if the GPU is not fully compatible with the old API then you would not be able to run EZ Green Screen with the GPU on until version 7 is released. EZ Green Screen 7 is being completely rebuilt from the ground up in the new plugin API (the new Plugins menu). It is the last plugin I have to recreate in the new API. However, it is a huge project as the entire program is being rewritten. Also, the new Plugins menu API still has some features I am waiting on Adobe to release that I need for EZ Green Screen 7. So I don’t have a release date yet.

    So the bottom line is you may have to turn the GPU off for EZ green Screen 6 but then turn it on when running any other Pixnub plugins that are in the new Plugins menu. Also, make sure to not run EZ Green Screen 6 with Face Detection Auto Clear mode.

    Hopefully the graphics driver or preferences reset fixes it. If not then it just is what it is for now.

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