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    Mode 2 does NOT scale the to make the face a certain size. Mode 2 scales from the center of the face to the bottom of the cutout. It really should only be used if there are feet in the image.  Without feet, the scaling will changed based on where you cropped them in camera. The more you have cropped off in camera, the larger it will scale the image to align the bottom of the cutout to the red line.

    For those poses, I would recommend modes 1, 5 or 6.  Those modes scale the size for the face but don’t scale to the bottom of the cutout.  Modes 5 and 6 aligns the top of the cutout to the red line. So if yo want exact spacing on top then modes 5 and 6 works well for that.

    See this video at the 5:30 mark. I show how mode 2 scaling changes based on the crop point. Look at the red lines and it is easy to see why the scaling changes.

    I suggest watching all of the alignment videos and don’t skip through them.  You will miss a lot of information if you just skim through the videos.

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