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    In your case,  the columns are all the same and the only different is the template file.  So in that case the easiest method would to copy/paste all of the rows 3 time.  Then just change the Teplate File name all fill down for each of the 3.

    It will run faster this way too if it is sorted by Templlate File Name. If it alternate Template Files names for each row then it will need to close and open the template file for every row which will run slower.  If you have it sorted by Template file name then it will keep the template open for every image until it need to switch templates in a row.  So for large template files, it runs much faster this way.

    Some of the templates being sold by designers are a few GB in size. I have seen some larger templates opening from an external cause 20+ second lag per image when it has to close and open a new template for each row.   So only having to do this once for each template instead of once for each player image can be a huge time saver.