Football Field Masks


This is a set of football field masks you can use to create ultra realistic football field graphics from any grass image. The set comes with 30 masks. There are 15 different angles. Each angle has a “new paint” and a “weather paint” look. There are 30 completed field images ready to use. You get 1 sample empty grass image and 1 PSD setup file to help you setup other images from different grass images,

  • Format: PSD
  • Number of files:62 (30 masks, 30 finished images, 1 grass image, 1 setup PSD )
  • Resolution:8256 x 5504 (matches Nikon D850)
  • License:Royalty Free (restrictions for template vendors)View License Terms Here
  • Delivery: Instant Download –  Size 3.6 GB
  • Instructions: See tutorial video here

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