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    You probably used Control+J (Windows) or Command+J (Mac) to make the duplicates. You can’t do that because that links the smart objects together. So the layers use the same smart object. When you replace the image in the smart object for one layer, it then goes into both layers. That is how Photoshop works. It’s not a Pixnub thing.  This is handy for making print sheets for example where you print multiple copies of the same image such as a sheet of wallets.

    In order to create copies of the layer that are not linked you must use control+c (windows) or command+c (Mac) to copy the group folder) for each image. Then use control+v (windows) or command+v (Mac) to paste.  Doing it this way, the smart object will be a new smart object, not linked to the smart object is was copied from. You can also select the group folder and the use Edit>Copy, Edit>Paste in the Photoshop menu.  Either way will work.  You just can’t use control+J/command+J.

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