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    Are the image files in a sub-folder of the source folder? Or are they directly under the source folder? When running from a CSV, it won’t process anything in sub-folders.

    I just saw the email with the CSV. There is an issue with the CSV. However, I don’t think it would give an error saying “no images found”. I think it should still try to run but the first 6 lines may cause other issues, and possible crashing, when it tries to run.

    You have the template files in the CSV. Also, there are 3 hidden files with “.” in front of the filename. I thought SPA would ignore hidden files when creating the CSV so I don’t know how the 3 “.” files got there.

    Anyway, please remove these 6 lines and save the CSV and retry. Again, these may not be causing the error you are seeing… but they need removed for sure. I don’t know how SPA will handle it when the template file is in the list of player files. This used to cause it to crash. I did some work on it to try to get it to just skip over them but I can’t remember the status of the latest SPA release.

    So remove these 6 lines, retry, and then let me know if you still get the same error.