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Damon Bell

    This is a limitation in Adobe with the new Photoshop plugins API in general. Any plugins created that run under the plugins menu (which is the new system) can’t run actions that play scripts or other plugins from the Plugins menu.  Those plugins can’t run an action that plays another script.  The reason why is because the Plugins menu programs run in “modal execution” mode which takes control of the photoshop scripting engine. In turn, no other scripts or plugins (from the Plugins menu) can run at that time. Adobe built this safety measure in to prevent conflicts so 2 plugins can’t try to run at the same time.  A biproduct of this is that the plugins can’t run scripts or actions that contain scripts.

    I have discussed this with Adobe on a couple of occasions and they know about it.  It is not a bug, it is by design and there may or may not be a work-around in the future. If Adobe does make a work around that I would need to update SPA in the future.

    So the bottom line is it won’t be able to run your action right now and I can’t say if it ever will. That will depend on Adobe.

    What I can say is that if Adobe ever makes a work-around then I will implement it. This also affects being able to run an action in Hot Folder with EZ Green Screen and/or face Crop recorded in the action. So I am pushing Adobe for a work-around because I want for Hot Folder to be usable for running actions recorded with these. Adobe hasn’t indicated if/when there will be a work-around so I really have no idea if it will happen.