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    It is working correctly

    The Pre Action runs on the plyer file.  So if you want to sharpen, and grunge effect, or so anything specific to the player image itself then use the pre action.

    The Post Action runs on the finished composite after the player has been put into the image, but before flattening. So if you need the action to do any work on the template layers, or do anything to the player after it has been put into the template then use post action.

    Also, a mistake that happen a lot is people start recording their action after they have the layer selected that they want the action to start working on. Then when the action starts to run during the batch, a different layer is already selected so the action processes the wrong layer.  In order to ensure the actions runs on the correct layer, you mast have the first step of the action be to select the layer you want it to run on. So first select a different layer before starting the recording. Then start the recording and select the layer you was to run it on. Then when SPA batch and the action runs, it will ensure that the action selects the proper layer prior to doing any more action steps.