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    The root cause of this issue is that you cropped closer in camera than the crop settings you are using in Face Crop.  You should always shoot looser in camera than you want to crop in Face Crop. This allows the software room to work and make it’s crops.  The mistake I see a lot of people make is trying to make the crop correct in camera the same as they are expected Face Crop to make it. Some people even use view finder masks and then also use face Crop afterwards. This is a mistake.  If you try to do this the inevitably some images will be cropped tighter in camera than the what you are asking face Crop to do.

    So for future photo shoots, back out in camera and allow the software room to work.

    For the particular job for the images you already shot  you have 3 choices.

    Option 1 – Make a preset in face Crop that crops tighter so that you don’t have empty space.

    Option 2 – In the batch settings, set the Gap Mode to “Fit To Canvas”. This will automatically crop tighter as needed when there is empty space. The drawback is that some images will be cropped tighter than other images because it will adjust per image as needed based on how tight the in camera crop was.

    Option 3 – In the batch settings, set the Gap Mode to “Content Aware Fill. This will keep the crop position where yo want and fill the empty space using Photoshops content aware fill. This works week if the person isn’t close to the edge. The fill usually does well with old master types of backgrounds.  However, it the person in on the edge then the content aware fill doesn’t rebuild the edges of the people well.  The content aware fill can also add significant time to the processing.

    Consider these 3 options as “work arounds” and not how you normally want to process. How you want to process in the future is making sure the in camera crops are wide enough so you never have the issue to begin with……   an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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