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    Since you didn’t give details, I’m guessing you want to add the effect to the player layer only?????

    Assuming that is what you want to do…….

    You can add the camera raw filter to the player layer.  However, you must first add a custom player image. You can’t add it to the “green man” layer. So first, go to the PSD setup and click Add Custom Player Image.  Then on the samrt onbject with the custom player, do the camera raw settings you want. It will then add it as a smart filter.

    Then when you run the batch, YOU MUST CHECK ON “Use Smart Objects”.  This is off by default because it will run a little faster without it and also use less RAM and Scratch disk. Photoshop is a scratch disk hog when batching smart object editing.  However, in order for it to use the smart filter it must be on.

    Note: Always leave the template with the player layer as a smart object. This is required to run. So never change that in the template itself. The checkbox in the batch settings will determine when SPA edits the smart objects or replaces it with a rasterized layer.

    Let me know if this works…. it will 🙂


    If you are wanting to add camera raw to the entire flatten image, not just the player layer, then you will need to do this as an action.

    Record a 2 step action. The first step have it fallen the file. The second step have it do the camera raw filter.

    Then in the batch settings, select “Run Post Action” and select the action you just created. You will need to hit the Reset Actions Dropdown to load any new actions you just made.  The action will run after the composite is made.