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    @Michelle Pennings

    Do you have Photoshop CC 2022 installed?  EZ Green Screen requires CC 2022.  That message typically means you do not have the latest Photoshop version installed.

    If you have the latest Photoshop version installed and still get that message then you will need to reinstall the Creative Cloud app (not just Photohop, but the entire Creative Cloud app too).

    Also, for future reference, please start a new topic for any issues instead of piggy backing on another user’s post. The original author gets emails for any replies to their post.  It gets confusing when there are multiple people in a single thread with issues. It’s difficult for the people in the posts to know if I am replying to them or another user. So to make it simple, please create a new topic in the future so my replies are all just for you within that post.  Thanks 🙂