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    What are the pixel dimensions, width and height of the original image (Not PPI, but actual pixel size)?

    How much is being cropped off?

    If the resampling is turned off, the then final pixel count is just waht is left over after cropping.  So if you gave it an image that is 800 X 1000 Pixels and do a headshot crop, you may only have 274×342 pixels left after cropping it.

    If you have the inches set to 8×10 and you only have 274 pix by 342 pix left after cropping, then the PPI becomes 34 (total pixels/inches).

    If you turn on resampling in Face Crop then you can force it to resize to a specific inch size and PPI.  So if you set it to 300 PPI and 8 x 10 then sure it will maker the image 2400 by 3000 pixels @ 300 PPI. However, it would have to upsample the 274 x 342 pixels you had left after cropping up to 2400 x 3000 pixels and it would look terrible.  That is why resampling is turned off by default. Face Crop in the default mode just crops and you left left over whatever is left over without scaling up or down.


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