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    @ Bambara Aven Timmerman

    Here is the PSD text setup tutorial. Watch this entire video and then let me know if it all makes sense.

    Regarding the players that have empty data in your CSV text fields, SPA skips over those and does nothing. So it won’t replace the text with a blank. The though behind that was you may have a text layer with a default text you want to keep unless you change it for certain players. A few people have requested for it to be able to insert blanks. So I think what I will do is make an update for 9.2.1. for that you would be able to turn off the eyeball on the text layer to make it invisible. that way for cells with blanks it will save with nothing showing. Then if there is text in the CSV it would show the layer and replace the text. that would work for what you want it to do. However, if you leave the layer visible then it would work the same as it is now and leave the placeholder text visible. Anyway, I will put that in for 9.2.1. Maybe later this week or early next week.