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    Regrading your question about the CCX installers, this issue is due to the Creative Cloud app installation itself. When you double click the CCX, the IOS shouldn’t be trying to open it in Photoshop. It should open in Creative Cloud.  The only true fix for this I have found is to remove and reinstall Creative Cloud. I don’t mean reinstall Photoshop. i mean reinstall the Creative Cloud app.

    In some cases, if you right click on the CCX file and choose “Open With”, you can then select for it to open with “UnifiedPluginInstallerAgent”. It will then install if that option is available.  That is what should happen when double clicking it. However, be doing this, you would still need to install that way any time you update.  The only way I have found to fix the computer so double clicking runs CCX installers properly is to reinstall Creative Cloud.  If “UnifiedPluginInstallerAgent” is missing then the only way to install would be to reinstall Creative Cloud.

    Anyway, let me know if works after reinstall the Creative Cloud app.