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    The tall hair is throwing off the scaling with the Chin to Top of Subject Algorithm. It is scaling smaller in order to fit the chin and top of the hair into the space the preset is asking for. If you switch the algorithm to head only then it will attempt to fit only the head into the space. It more or less has to then guess at where the top of the head is minus the hair. You will however lose the snap alignment to the top of the hair.

    Really for 3/4 cropping, if you shoot with feet then setting up an SPA “template” with modes 2, 3 or 4 is by far the most accurate way to do this. Then it will snap align the feet to the red lines.  Face Crop is really meant for school portraits and isn’t very accurate for feet placement because it doesn’t align to feet at all.

    You scale the player layer in the SPA template so the red line for the feet is below canvas.  This is far more accurate than using Face Crop for 3/4.

    When batching for non-cutouts this way, you also must select the checkbox in the SPA batch settings for “Use Select Subject for Edges”.  This way it can find the feet from a non-cutout image. If you don’t select that when batching then it would align to the bottom of the cutout and in the case of non-cutouts the bottom of the frame.