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    It looks liek it should work. Are all of the images for player 2 in the same source folder as the images for player 1? The inmages all need to be in the same folder, and not in a sub-folder of that.

    The only other thing it could be is a mismatch in the filenames.

    Of maybe there is a bug or compatibility issue in version 7.3.6. I haven’t tested version 7 in a long time and don’t even have it installed on any test machines anymore. Version 7 is no longer maintain at all so if there is a bug or Photoshop compatibility issue then it won’t get fixed in version 7.

    I suggest trying version 9.1.1. You can install CC 2022 and keep your old Photoshop version with SPA 7 too. When installing CC 2022, click the Advanced options button and then uncheck the Remove old Versions checkbox. Then you will have CC 2022 and your old Photoshop version. So install SPA 9.1.1 in CC 2022 and keep the old SPA version 7 in your older Photoshop version.

    The SPA template setup for the player modes should still work from the version 7 setup. However, the text layers must be the exact names from the list of available text layer names. You can find those in the CSV document I posted. So you will need to make the text layer names in the PSD conform to how the layers must be named for SPA 9. This is one thing I had to do to increase the speed for SPA 9. Having a fixed set of text layer names allowed it to speed up the processing by a lot because it no longer has to scan the PSD to index all of the layer names.

    Anyway, if you can’t get SPA 7 to work then test SPA 9.1.1 and let me know if you get that to work. If we have to do nay further troubleshooting then it will have to be in version 9. That is the version that I currently support and maintain.

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