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    In order to record EZ Green Screen into an action, you need to run it from the filter menu while the action is recording, not the Extensions menu. Nothing from the Extensions menu is action recordable. This is a limitation in Photoshop itself. Photoshop won’t record anything into an action from an Extension panel. This isn’t for just Pixnub. This is for any Extension panel at all. When recording the action for EZ Green Screen, it will record any settings you used while it is recording. So make any adjustments you want to make while it is recording and it will use those settings.

    For Face Crop, neither versions 3 or 4 will record into actions at all. Photoshop has the exact same limitation in the new Plugin menu as it does in the Extensions menu. Phototshop won’t record anything from the Plugins menu into an action. Adobe said it was on their road map to add in the ability but hasn’t given a release date on that. It sounded more like a long term plan and not something to expect soon. The new Plugins menu API is the future for plugin development in Photoshop so developers really need to use that. So hopefully Adobe eventually releases the action recording feature for it. Even when they do, developers would need to modify their plugins to work with it. So don’t expect anything on this any time soon.

    Face Crop version 2 will record into an action from the Filter menu if using the Create/Test Preset option. If recording an action when running that, it will save the settings into the action. However, Face Crop 2 isn’t compatible with CC 2022 and really hasn’t been tested in CC 2021 either (but will install in CC 2021). The API it uses is old and Adobe is discontinuing it. So there may be bugs in the latest CC 2021 release with it. I can send you an installer if you want. Just know that it isn’t maintained or supported in any way.