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    EZ Team Builder doesn’t change the relative proportions between players. If there are sizing inconsistencies between players then the images were already that way before being processed by EZ Team Builder. Either the images were shot that way or there was post processing done which created the proportional sizing differences.


    In order to ensure accurate scaling, you must perform the photo shoot correctly to keep the scaling accurate.

    1. Use the same camera, lens, and focal length for all images. It is best to use a prime lens to avoid any accidental zooming. However, you can use a zoom lens as long as care is taken to not change the zoom. Using gaffers tape on a zoom the lens can help avoid accidental zooming.

    2. You must keep the exact same distance between the player and camera. Make sure that all players stand in the same location. Make sure the camera remains in the same location. Using a tripod can help to ensure the camera doesn’t move.

    3. In theory, any focal length would work as long as everything remain consistent./ However, in practice, you will get more variation with wider focal lengths. The closer the camera is to the players, the more sleight changes in positioning player to player will affect the scaling proportions. A change in distance between the camera and player of a couple of inches may not be a big deal at 25 feet space. However, it would be much more noticeable at 8 feet of spacing.

    Keep in mind that there will be some variation player to player, so the longer the focal length, the less the variation will affect the final results. Just based on size of feet alone, you wil. get a few inches of variation if they put their toes on the line. A size 13 foot will pace players back more than a size 6 foot.

    A good focal length is an 85mm prime lens for a full frame camera or a 50mm prime lens for a crop sensor camera. You can use more or less depending on the spacing. Some people shoot with 100mm or longer focal length when there is enough room. This reduces the affect of any variation in player placement when shooting.


    Resizing images after shooting can affect the proportional scaling. If you resize all images by the same amount then it is fine. Say for example, all images are 6000 x 4000 pixels and you resize them all to 3000 x 2000 pixels WITHOUT additional cropping, then it will be fine. However, if you resize only some image then it will throw off the proportional scaling.


    Cropping is another thing that will affect it if not done correctly. It is fine to crop images, but don’t resample (resize) if you crop. If you crop off empty space and leave the pixel dimesions post cropping as is then it will be fine.

    So for example, if you crop off excess space and one image is 4019 x 3215 pixels and another image is 4681 x 3745 pixels then leave the image sizing as is. The cutouts wil still be proportionally correct.

    However, if you crop and then resize all of the image to the same size then this will mess up the image proportions. In the following example, if the images were all exported as 3000 x 2400 then the image that was 4681 pixels tall needs to scale to 64% to make it 3000 pixels tall and the image that was 4019 pixels tall needs to scale to 75% to make it 3000 pixels tall. The different scaling percentages will throw off the image proportions.

    So for cropping, the bottom line is you can crop but leave the pixel dimensions post cropping as is. If this confuses you….. then just don’t crop at all.