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    SPA requires a player image setup to run. The Team image setup is only for memory mates when there is a player image.

    For team only layouts like that, use Player Mode 9 instead. Player Mode 9 is the same exact formatting as team Mode 1. Player mode 10 is the same as Player mode 2.

    When batching, it will be easier too. You don’t need to use the memory mate settings in the PSD and you don’t need to use a Team File header in the CSV. Just run same as you would as if it was a single player composite. For the “Player Images Folder”, just select the folder that has the team images. SPA doesn’t care that the images are actually teams. It will just fit the images in the box for the Player Mode 9 setup.

    I maybe should have names the image setups different, like “Image 1” instead of Player 1.

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