EZ Green Screen 8 - ACTION HACKS

About Action Hacks

“Action Hacks” are a way to run actions as part of the EZ Green Screen automation. The action hacks are typically actions that can perform helpful tasks but may not be 100% reliable for certain situations. For example, the Select Subject tool can used to help cut out the feet better. However, it can also remove sports equipment at times too.   So for these reasons, the features in these actions were not built directly into the plugin.

Instead, the features are being provided “AS IS” in the form of actions that can be added to the batch automation or ran as stand alone actions. The actions come with no promises or guarantees of results.  Also, tech support in not provided in cases where the actions don’t perform like you want them too….. because again, there are reasons why these features were not added directly into the plugin.

Download Actions:

Remove Floor Actions

The Remove Floor actions serve 2 purposes. First, it will remove non-green floors. Second, you can use it when images have a green floor and there are spill issues on the legs and feet causing extraction issues.

Version 6 Style Auto Clear

You can run a batch with the version 6 auto clear method by adding these actions to the batch. These were created because of user requests. However, just know that the version 6 auto clear method can remove sports equipment at times (which is why the method was changes for version 7).  The Remove Floor actions from the first video on this page are usually a better method.