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Vintage Lab Tutorials

Black and White

This video compares the the native Photoshop black and white filter to both the Free and Pro versions of Vintage Lab. This tutorial shows how can can often achieve better results in the skin tone with Vintage Lab.

Split Toning

The Pro version has three different layers for applying tint. These can be used to create very nice and realistic antique style split tones. There are several pre-installed presets for this. You can also save your own presets to match the style that you desire.

Matrix Batch Processing

There is a built in batch processor. This can be used to apply an unlimited number of preset styles to an unlimited number of photos. This is very powerful for event photographers. For example, if you shoot weddings you will take 100s or even 1000s of photos for each shoot. Often people want multiple different styles wedding shots. With the Vintage Lab batch processor, you can create multiple black and white, sepia, selenium, cyanotype and split tones with just a few clicks.