Sports Photo Automation – Photoshop Plugin

Photoshop Plugin Requirements

  • Photoshop CC 2019 or higher
  • Compatible with old Chroma Key Lab keys

Price: $199.99 (or Platinum Club)

Included in Platinum Club at no extra charge


About Sports Photo Automation

The Sports Photo Automation plugin is a batch processing system to automation the creation of sports compositions. It can automate individual images, multi pose designs, or memory mates. It runs with extracted images or non-extracted "drop-in" style images.

Automatic Text Replacement and Scaling

Sports Photo Automation 2 has the options to automatically replace text and scale text. You can choose to just replace or to replace and scale. This is a huge time saver! One of the biggest issues with automating is how to handle with different name sizes. Now, with the new CSV data import option, this can all be done automatically.