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Portrait Crop Photoshop Plugin

CC 2017 Update: Latest release is 100% compatible. Download update below.

Plugin Requirements:

  • Photoshop: CC 2015.5 or Higher
  • Operating System: Windows or Mac
  • Current Version 1.0.3

Price: $129.99

Download is for a trial or to update


About Portrait Crop

What Portrait Crop Does

Portrait Crop is a face recognition cropping plugin for photoshop. It can automatically make image crops based on face positioning and face size. It allows the user to set up there own cropping presets to easily apply to other images.

Face Recognition

The face recognition is very reliable. It has multiple detection methods built into it so if it can’t find the face with 1st attempt it will then look at the image a different way and try again. With the multiple attempt methods, the face recognition has a 99.9% success rate!

Batch Processing

There are multiple ways to batch process. First, there is a dedicated batch processor designed specifically for the plugin. This allows the user to batch process as many presets as they want to an entire folder of images.

The plugin can be recorded into an action. The action remembers the face position and composition settings. There are a several ways to then batch process the action such as Hot Folder, Batch script, Image Processor script, or Photoshop Droplets.

Unlimited User Presets

You can create your own cropping presets to easily apply the same crop style to multiple images. The built in batch processor allows you to batch process multiple crop presets at once. You can easily process hundreds or even thousands of images without even being at the computer.

Non Destructive Cropping Option

The non destructive cropping option allows you to re-position the image after the crop has been made and the image is already saved. This is available in batch mode when using PSD or TIF output mode.

Resampling Options

You can choose to specify an exact PPI and pixel dimensions or to simply crop without resampling. You can also choose what resampling interpolation algorithm Photoshop will use for downsizing and upsizing.

Works With Transparency

Portrait crop will work with transparent background images such as green screen extractions. This allows you to size and position the person based on face recognition for easy placement into the background. See the demo video below show this in use with Photoshop droplet automation.

Auto Cropping Examples - Same Preset Used

face recognition examples

User Defined Preset Examples

crop preset examples

Features Overview

Perfect For “Cut Out” Composition Images

Workflow Setup For Transparent images

There are several ways to batch process with Portrait crop. This video shows a really good method for automatically creating compositions using Portrait Crop combined with a Photoshop Action and Droplet. This is very easy to set up. The action itself is only 4 steps. You can set up this automated process in just a couple of minutes.

This is perfect for using with extracted green screen images. You can automatically create the composition by just dragging them and dropping them onto the droplet! The face recognition and image placement happens automatically.

You can also set this same workflow up to do the extractions during the action too. If you have EZ Green Screen then it will also record into an action and the entire workflow from green screen to composite can be drag and drop!

Batch Processing Overview

Dedicated Batch Processor

Portrait Crop comes with it’s own dedicated batch processing system. This does not require any actions to be set up. There are some advantages for using the dedicated processor.

Dedicated Batch Processor Advantages

  • Automate multiple presets at once
  • Batch resume feature in case the batch gets aborted
  • Statistics tracking
  • Error tracking for any faces not detected