Platinum Club Waiting List

The Platinum Club is currently at max capacity. Currently, we are maintaining the Platinum Membership level at a specific number of members. However, we routinely open up new membership slots as people cancel their subscriptions.  If you sign up below then we will notify you when there are membership slots available.

The reason is because there is only a certain number of people that we can reasonably support with our current staffing levels.  Most of our Platinum Club members are volume youth sports photographers.  During the busy seasons for volume youth sports, there is a high level of tech support, especially with our Sports Photo Automation, EZ Team Builder, and Image Extract programs.  Those 3 programs are only being sold as part of the Platinum Club as a way to manage the amount of tech support we do.  Our other programs are still available to be purchased as perpetual licenses, not through the Platinum Club.

Once Covid-19 is over, our plan is to hire another dedicated tech support person and then to expand the number of members that we can support.