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Image Balancer Tutorials

Image Balancer Overview

Covers the basics adjustments in the filter.

Add Warm Tones

>A quick demonstration on adding warmth to an image.

Black and White

This video shows how to do a black and white conversion with the plugin. It covers how to add contrast by adjusting the white balancing which happens prior to the desaturation.

High Key Effect

How to add a nice high key lighting effect to an image.

Sepia Effect

This video discusses how to create a sepia tone effect using Image Balancer. This is a 2 step process. The first step is a black and white conversion. The second step adds the tone.

Black and White Conversion Method Comparison

This video demonstrates some common methods for black and white conversions and issues that the conversion have. The Image Balancer filter can be used to give really nice conversions that give better results than most methods.

Chroma Key Composition – Balancing FG and BG

Often the lighting and color temperature won’t match between the foreground and background when shoot green screen photography. The Image Balancer Filter is great for adjusting the image to get a better match and more realistic results.

Saturation and Warmth

Use the white and saturation together to make an image really vibrant.

Warm Tones and Contrast

Another video that demonstrates using warmth combined with added contrast to improve an image.