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Image Balancer Photoshop Plugin

Plugin Requirements:

  • Photoshop: CS5 or Higher
  • Operating System: Windows or Mac
  • Current Version 1.5.5

Note: This Plugin is a legacy program. However, the license keys will still work with it, including the Master Key license.


Licensing: Since our products are Photoshop plugins, our licensing is set to match exactly how Photoshop licensing works. Each license key can be installed on 2 computers. It can be 1 PC and 1 Mac if you choose, or 2 of the same. You can also transfer the license when you switch to a new computer.

Image Balancer Overview

Image Balancer is used to adjust lighting, contrast and white balance to your images.  All of the adjustment are made the proper way with non-linear curves adjustments.

The contrast also has light / dark biasing.  What this does is allow you to add contrast more to either the shadows or the highlights.  For example, you can darken the shadows but bias the contrast to the shadows so it doesn’t blow out the highlights.

Image Balancer is perfect to use with green screen composition images to match the foreground lighting and color temperature between the foreground and background.

Image Balancer Oveview

Balancing a Green Screen Composition

When we originally created Image Balancer, the intent of the plugin was to help balance chroma key compositions.  Although Image Balancer does have a much broader scale of use, it fits the role of green screen image balancing perfectly.

Black and White Conversion

Black and White conversions were not the initial intent when we created Image Balancer. However, after creating the software, we realized that it does GREAT black and White conversion, especially with skin tones. Since the white balancing happens underneath the saturation adjustment, the white balance can be used to drive contrast in the black and white conversion. Also, since the white balance uses non-linear curves, it’s almost impossible to cause channel clipping using this method for your black and white conversion. For portrait style images, Image Balancer actually rivals our own Vintage Lab plugin for black and white quality.