Hot Folder Photoshop Plugin

Photoshop Plugin Requirements

  • Photoshop CS5 or higher
  • Windows or Mac

Price: $129.99 (or Platinum Club)

Included in Platinum Club at no extra charge


About Hot Folder

Hot folder is a batch processing software that allows you apply up to 12 actions to your images.

It has 2 different modes it can run. First, it can be ran as a hot folder. When running in hot folder mode it will process any new images that are saved into the designated hot folder. The main purpose of this mode is for automatic processing of images with a tethered camera set up. This is great for running a photo booth.

The second mode is a batch processor. What's great about this batch processor is that you can apply up to 10 actions to your image. it will allow you to save the image after any of the actions so you can create up to 10 variations of each image. It will also allow the image to be reset to the original image before any of the actions. That way, the actions may be applied to either the original image or where the last action ended.

Batch Processing Demo

Hot Folder Mode Demo