EZ Team Builder Photoshop Plugin

Photoshop Plugin Requirements

  • Photoshop CC 2018 or higher
  • Windows or Mac
  • Upgrade Pricing Available - See Below

Price: $229.99 (or Platinum Club)

Included in Platinum Club at no extra charge


Upgrade Info: If you purchased a Portrait Crop license prior to 8/12/2018, then you qualify for a $129.99 to trade in Portrait Crop for EZ Team Builder 2. This is the full purchase price of Portrait Crop. The upgrade cost is $100.

EZ Team Builder 2 DOES NOT require a license for Portrait Crop in order to run. The reason the version 1 needed a Portrait Crop license was to be able to use the face detection from Portrait Crop.  That was the easiest way to get the face detection to run. That was also the reason why version 1 was a free release as a Portrait Crop add on. The face detection code is now fully embedded in EZ Team Builder. The 2 plugins are now completely separate entities.

If you wish to upgrade then contact us and we can send you an upgrade purchase link.

The best virtual team creation software………. period!

EZ Team Builder is the world’s most advanced virtual sports team creation software. It runs with any extracted images regardless of the extraction method. It has 2 modes, single/row panoramic mode and multi row mode. The multi row mode will automatically arrange the image up to 1,200 Images!

This is the biggest game changer to come to youth sports Photography in a long time. You wuill spend just minutes creating a virtual team composite instead of hours.

Self Adjusting Image Arrangement

This is an example of running the default settings with 2 different group sizes. Notice how the images are automatically scale to fit the template. You don't need to do anything other then press the GO BUTTON!

virtual team example 2

Easy Spacing and Scaling Adjustments

You can customized the spacing/scaling beyond the default too. The additional adjustment are relative to the auto scaling and spacing. That mean that the same settings will work the same regardless if the template has 10 images or 1,000 images.  For example, if you want to increase the spacing a little bit to accomodate shoulder pads then those same settings will work for all of your teams regardless of the size of the team.

virtual team example 2

Adjustable Row Spacing

The is a wide range of row spacing adjustment. The row spacing is proportional to the average face size. Therefore, auto adjusts itself to the layout regardless of the number of images.

virtual team example 2

Align To Feet, Face or Anywhere Between

EZ Team Builder can align to the feet to show actual height differences. It can also align to the face so the faces are all at the same height. Plus, you can have it go anywhere in between! It works as a percentage based system. So, for example, if you set it to 50% it will show 50% of the height difference and be half way between face and feet alignment.

virtual team example 2

Layer Organization

Each player is on it's own layers. The layers for each row are organized in layer groups. You can easily move a single image, an entire row or the entire group.

virtual team example 2

Demo Video

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