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PSD Setup For Text Replacement

Converting Layer to Point Text

Using Point Text is recommended. Either point text or Paragraph text will work. However, point text is simpler. The advantage of point text is there is no bounding box and it expands to whatever the text input. With paragraph text, as the name implies, it acts a “paragraph” will text wrap the next line donw at the end of the bounding box. If using paragraph text, you need to set the bounding box wider then the text to account for longer text string when auto replacing the text. This isn’t needed for point text.

By default, Photoshop uses paragraph text. In order to change it to point text, right click on the text layer and select “Convert to Point Text”. If there is no option and it says “Convert to Paragraph Text” then the layer is already in Point Text mode. Note: After converting from paragraph to point text, you may need to re-align the text layer as it can shift.

How to convert to point text

Using Text Layers in Paragraph Text Mode

Chroma Key Lab text replacement works with both point text and paragraph text modes. Point text mode is recommended. However, if you choose to use paragraph text layers, it will work fine but you need to ensure the bounding boxes are expanded so they can accept more letters. For example, if a layer is set up with a 6 letter name and the bounding box is only slightly wider than the name then a 7 letter or higher name won’t fit. Photoshop will then wrap the text down to the next line. Even with auto re-scaling, the bounding box needs widened because the text is replaced before it is resized. It needs to fit into the bounding box before resizing.

How to convert to point text

Text Justification

With version 6.1.2 or higher, you don’t need to worry about text justification when using auto text scaling. The program will automatically move the text into the exact location of the template after resizing regardless of what the text justification mode was set to.

If you are using auto text replacement but not using auto text scaling then the text size will change image to image. In that case, you will want to ensure the text justification is set to how you want it. It the text needs to stay centered as the size changes the select center justification. You can also use left or right to keep it aligned to one side or the other.

To change the text justification method, double click the text layer icon (the “T”) to enter text edit mode. The choose the text justification method in the tool options menu on the top of the screen. Note: After changing the text justification mode you may need to re-position the text.

How to convert to point text

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