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Chameleon Photoshop Plugin

Plugin Requirements:

  • Photoshop: CS5 or Higher
  • Operating System: Windows or Mac
  • Current Version 1.3.5

Note: This Plugin is a legacy program. However, the license keys will still work with it, including the Master Key license.


Licensing: Since our products are Photoshop plugins, our licensing is set to match exactly how Photoshop licensing works. Each license key can be installed on 2 computers. It can be 1 PC and 1 Mac if you choose, or 2 of the same. You can also transfer the license when you switch to a new computer.

Chameleon Overview

Chameleon is used to enhance or alter skin tone. It can also be used to reduce skin tone variation. You can use it to add subtle color or give an extreme digital sun tan.

There is an option to output a mask into Photoshop. This allows you to apply the effect to skin tone color range only. Generally, the mask edges will be very clean. Depending on the colors in the backgrounds, you may need to touch up the mask in Photoshop a little. However, it should give you a really good starting point in minimal time.

You can select up to 4 skin color samples prior to running Chameleon and it will use those sample to help create a more accurate skin tone mask.

Chameleon Overview

Subtle skin tone enhancement example

This sample shows a subtle tan added as well as the white balance was warmed a little bit. For this example, the effect was kept in the hair because then blend looked natural. The hair could have been easily masked however with a soft brush in Photoshop afterwards though. Notice how the clothing and beverage retain their normal colors.

Extreme skin tone change example

When darkening, chameleon uses a soft light blending. The method that it uses helps retain the proper amount of glare without making the skin look flat. Also, there are adjustment for white balance and saturation so you can dial in the exact tone. Although this example may be more extreme then anything that you may need to do, it does show the large capability range that chameleon has.