Background Swapper Photoshop Plugin

Photoshop Plugin Requirements

  • Photoshop CC 2018 or higher
  • Windows or Mac

Price: $99.99 (or Platinum Club)

Included in Platinum Club at no extra charge


Instruction Video

Background Swapper is an automation tool which merges cutout images into multiple backgrounds during the same batch process. It is very useful for volume chool photo processing. The program is much simpler to run than the Sports Photo Automation plugin. PSD template setup and CSV file creation isn't needed. It will just merge photos into backgrounds and keep the existing alignment of the cutout image. It works really well in tandum with the Face Crop plugin. A tytpical workflow would be to first run the cutout images through Face Crop to align and size the cutouts. Then run a batch through Background Swapper to add multiple backgrounds to the entire folder of aligned cutout images.