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Backdrop Creator Photoshop Plugin

CC 2017 Update: Latest release is 100% compatible. Download update below.

Plugin Requirements:

  • Photoshop: CS3 or Higher
  • Operating System: Windows or Mac
  • Current Version 3.3.2

Price: $129.99

Download is for a trial or to update


Backdrop Creator Overview

Backdrop Creator is used for making digital backgrounds that can be used with green screen photography.  The plugin can create images with native resolution up to 144 megapixels (12,000 x 12,000).

The texture algorithms have built in randomizing functions so you will never get the same texture twice.  The are 40 built in texture styles and 30 color presets.  You can also manually set each color and save new color presets.  Additionally, it can create drapes which are also randomized to give a different look each time.  There are unlimited digital background possibilities with this program.

Features Overview

Background Examples